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        MS Patriot

        A recently-upgraded VG120SD model gyro stabiliser has been selected for service in a 25m aluminium workboat operated by Dutch Firm, Braveheart Marine. The first vessel in the series is named ‘Patriot’. She is a multi-purpose vessel providing a range of services in open Northern Oceans on a 24/7 basis.

        With the increased bearing life and more power now being delivered with the upgraded VEEM Gyro SD units, the infamously rough Northern Oceans will prove to be a great match for the robustness that VEEM has engineered and built into the Super Duty (SD) VEEM Gyro range.

        Braveheart Marine’s Patriot series works very hard towing an oceanographic survey array but can also perform crew transfer, fast supply of equipment, fuel, cargo and equipment.

        The Patriot is great example of the potential for a VEEM Gyro-stabilized smaller vessel, operating in the harshest wave environments that would normally be serviced by much larger vessels. The lower operational costs of these smaller vessels offer significant efficiencies for wind farm and offshore oil and gas support and crew transfer. The VG120SD and the other SD series VEEM Gyros have been engineered for this purpose.